Carmen headed to the hospital as soon as she got wind of what had happened to Ricky. When one of the Greasers was there, she always went. Even if she wasn’t in their actual room, she just sat in the waiting area in case anything changed or if they wanted a visitor. All the nurses and doctors knew who she was by now. It was a sad thing that she had to be there so often, but that was just a fact of life when you lived in a war-strewn town. It was just riddled with bad luck.

"…Okay, well if he wakes up, let him know I’m here if he needs anything. Dodger will probably be here in a few hours and we’ll switch so I can sleep."

Once she learned Ricky’s condition, she sat down and opened a magazine. He was stable. Ricky was a fighter and there wasn’t much else anyone could do but wait. He’d just have to recover. But Mama Greaser would be there for support, just like always.

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An’ you get this for the rest of your life. {He teased as he leaned forward to kiss her neck before pulling back again to find her eyes} I’m thinkin’ ‘bout pushin’ Strickler in the fire an’ makin’ it look like a tragic camping accident. {Chuckling proudly at the thought, he wrapped his arm around her waist.} The lines are a bit more blurry on this trip than I like ‘em, looks as if we’re all friends or somethin’. It’s settin’ a bad example, Car.

Carmen nodded. She definitely understood. She hated the Socs to her very core; she despised them. They’d killed her mother and they’d beaten her brother to death… but sometimes it was just nice to get away from it all. Her whole life had revolved around war, and death, and hatred. When they had trips like this, she could take a deep breath of fresh air and put things into perspective again. Above all else, above the hatred, was her love for her family. And she didn’t like to see them constantly in pain. She really did want peace one day. But that day was not today and she smiled at her fiance. “Well, I guess you have two choices, fearless leader. I can… distract you from it,” she whispered, kissing beneath his ear. “Or… we can play a little prank on our unwanted camping companions.”

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{Burning the end of a stick in the fire, he wondered how he could get rid of the Socs crashing their trip. Deep in thought, it wasn’t until Carmen spoke and his body startled in response to the interruption that he took notice of the world around him.} That’d only be scary if I didn’t know what you looked like first thing in the morning. Nothing scares me anymore. {Laughing, he got that proud, ‘I’m fuckin’ witty’ smile he liked to wear on his face. It faded to a more genuine smile as he touched her waist.} It’s better now. Takin’ care of my troops, Mama?


Hardy har har, you’re so funny Mr. Man. {She nudged him with a small smile before sitting down in his lap.} I’ll always take care of your Greasers, baby. {Her eyes searched his face, her arm wrapped around his shoulders as her fingers toyed with the hair at the nape of his neck.} What are you thinkin’ about? I can practically see the gears turning in your head.

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{Carmen spotted Rodney and sneaked up behind him with a flashlight in her hands.} Boo, {she whispered in his ear, turning the flashlight on beneath her chin.} How’s it goin’, hot stuff?

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